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Jakub and Anna Sumowski continue the family tradition of animal breeding which dates back to a middle of the nineteenth century.

Jakub's professional education in genetics, Anna's long time involvement in canine ethology and their mutual interest in dog breeding lead to the registration of ZAMLICZE KENNEL with The Polish Kennel Club in 1979.

For many years their time was occupied with Dachshunds and nowadays by Norwich and Norfolk Terriers.

Thanks to wonderful breeders and good friends in Holland who supplied them with genetically matched breeding stock, they were to able to start their own breeding operation.They work hard to develop and maintain a bloodline linked to the well known stud High Flyer's Valentino and his famous ancestor Thrumpton's Lord Redwood.

Form follows the function - with this motto in mind they strive to produce sound, intelligent and healthy puppies with excellent temperament. In fairly short time came some breeding and show succeses.

Jakub and Anna promote their breeds through support of the Polish Terrier Club, through their constant support in grooming, showing and providing breed information to all possible Norwich and Norfolk Terrier owners.

In 1982 the Polish Kennel Club approved Jakub as assistant judge and ten years later appointed him as 'full' judge for the whole FCI group four.

They are both members of Norwich Terrier Club , Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain, Dutch Norwich Terrier Club and Finish Norwich Terrier Club.

In 2010 the Norwich Terrier Club and the Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain approved Jakub as judge for Norwich and Norfolk Terriers respectively.

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