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On 27th of June we mated our Norwich girl DRAKA II Zamlicze (CIB Wybar OUTWARD BOUND x CHPL DRATWA Zamlicze) to our CIB High Pines CAPTAIN. It is a repeat combination, however with different sister, thus we expect splendid puppies.


On 24th of April our CIB Jaeva PEBBLES ( Jaeva ROGER THE BUTLER x Jaeva NELLIE) gave birth to four Norfolk puppies ( two boys and two girls - all red). Puppies are sired by Sakanarra TWIST AND SHOUT (Brenin CAYSING TROUBLE x MELODIA de Merymar). We expect a good conformation combined with rich, deep red colour.


On 14th December our CIB DROBINA Zamlicze ( Wybar KEEP ON TRUSTING x CHPL High Flyer's MELANIA) gave birth to five Norwich puppies ( one boy and four girls - two red and three black and tan). Puppies are sired by CIB XENO Vertragus ( CIB Wybar OUTWARD BOUND x CHPL DRINA Zamlicze). It is a repeat mating - earlier one already proved itself. We expect a good conformation combined with rich, deep red and tan colours.rame and to have them higher on the legs.



On 12th of December our CIB GIVENCHY Lucky Lambo (CHNL BONFIRER vom Kirchhellen & ESPRIT JOY Lucky Lambo) gave ...birth to five Norfolk puppies (two boys and three girls-three red and two black and tan). They were sired by Jaeva AS (Jaeva GORDON BENNET & Jaeva MURDER SHE WROTE). There are no common ancestors in four generations pedigree so mating should be considered an out-cross from genetic point of view. In puppies we strived to shorten the frame and to have them higher on the legs.om genetic point of view.




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